Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to Work

I have been negligent in keeping up with this blog for the past 4 months, but 2011 will be different, I promise. 

January is meeting month in the crop service industry.  Every week there are multiple days devoted to spreading the latest word on crop and business management.
There was the Southwest Ag Conference, the CCA Annual Conference and the Pioneer Agronomy Conference, plus a couple of other Pioneer events.  I learned some new things from all these meetings and have a boatload of knowledge to pass along.

But more importantly this past month has been a memorable month for two other reasons.

I was shocked on January 12 to receive the CCA Award of Excellence for 2010.  It is indeed an honour to be recognized by your peers for your contribution to agriculture.  I must thank my nominator, Pat Lynch for pushing my name forward.  It means I have a responsibility to strive to make myself better and help my customers even more in 2011. 
I also want to recognize the other nominees for the award.
Shannon Bieman from Snobelein Farms, Larry Hale from FS Partners and Bob Thirwell from Dekalb.  These three had very impressive credentials and deserved to win as well.  Just to be included with them is honour enough, to win is unbelievable.

On January 16 a much bigger award was presented.  Brian and his wife April made Cathy and I grandparents for the first time. 

Hayden Brian Barker arrived at 7:50 am on Sunday, January 16. 

This beats the CCA award hands down.


  1. Great to see the blog is back in action!


  2. Congratulations Russ and Cathy. Betty just sent me a beautiful picture of Brian, April and Hayden at Woodham church. you must be very proud of your family. Cousin Heather