Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Twenty Seven Point Eight

I walked through Brian's wheat plot 2 weeks ago and thought "Wow, there is a lot of wheat here".  My thinking was it would make 110 bu easy, maybe 120 bu if I put on some rosy glasses.  I was wrong.  We took it off yesterday and here are the results.

Pioneer      25R56      14.6%     127.8 bu/acre
Hyland      Branson    14.2%     118.0 bu/acre
Pioneer      25R40      14.4%     123.1 bu/acre

This plot was planted on October 9.
N rate - 120 lbs as 28%
Herbicide - Buctril M
Fungicides - Stratego with the Buctril
                  - Prosaro at heading

25R40 is a new variety from Pioneer that is shorter in height, much like 25R47.  This means we may be able to push it even higher with additional management like increased seeding rates, extra N and fungicides.

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