Saturday, August 4, 2012

Does Anybody Know A Good Crop Consultant?

I blew it, big time.

Spider mites have been lingering in the area and I had seen some evidence starting to show up.  I had even taken some shots from a neighbour's field early last week.

I kept telling myself we have never seen major outbreaks before in this area and it was going to rain.  This problem would be isolated.  My soybeans did not have any spider mites.  Meanwhile Peter Johnson was yelling at everyone to spray for spider mites.  Populations will explode he warned.  Yeah Peter, you were right.  I was wrong.  Now there is injury in many fields and Brian has started spraying.  The problem is once you see this degree of injury it is almost too late.  It is like closing the gate after the cattle have got out.  We let a week go by and did not react.  Now it is a long weekend, retail outlets are closed and the supply of dimethoate is almost gone. 

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