Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morris, You Earned It

This past Wednesday night my good friend Morris Sagriff was presented with the 2012 Certified Crop Advisor Award of Excellence.  There is not a more deserving recipient of this award than Mo.  Everyone in the industry knows Morris.  I am sure everyone would agree if only one word could be used to describe Morris the word would be passionate.  His passion and commitment to agriculture is legendary.  Sometimes his passion will rub people the wrong way, but there is no doubt Morris was only trying to do what he thought was right.  He is a person of integrity and strong faith.  His advice is always based on the best information available and he will dig deeper than most to uncover every possible detail.  He would never pass on false information to gain an advantage or to cause pain. 
He is committed to Pioneer, but he is quick to give competitive products credit when credit is due.

His presentation style to famers is unique to say the least.  One presentation I saw him make in Waterford many years ago sticks.  He was speaking about the effects of tillage.  He literally became a molboard plow and the audience became the soil.  He had customers ducking and diving out of their chairs to avoid being hit by the plow.  He has an amazing ability to paint a picture using words and you can clearly see every detail of the picture when he is finished.  He spoke at a customer meeting in our warehouse a few years ago.  Very few of our customers had ever met Morris and one older customer had this to say after hearing his presentation.  "Well that boy sure does like to talk, but I do believe he knows what he is talking about." 

In one sense this is the second time Morris has won this award because I would not have won this same award two years ago if it were not for his mentorship as an agronomist and a personal friend. 

Well done Morris.

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