Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Days Like Today

Days like today. I just heard this line from The Anderson's grain market commentary posted this afternoon. Corn and soybean prices rose today with no good reason according to the folks who are supposed to know why grain markets do what they do.  It seemed more than appropriate after today's experience.

Days like today. Brian and I spent the afternoon touring some corn plots with other Pioneer reps. For the last month I have listened to my friends from south Huron describing how their corn is late and in real danger of not making maturity.  I always assumed it was just "chicken little" type talk that sometimes emanates from that corner of the province.  The corn in our little part of Perth county is coming along.  Dan Veldman, just east of St Marys harvested P0094 and P0157 on Sunday at 33% moisture.  So, despite having great respect for their opinion I remained skeptical of the claims from South Huron, until.......

Days like today. We looked at one corn plot just west of Dashwood containing the same maturity range of hybrids that I see every day, 2800-3200 CHU.  Great location, planted last week of May, very high yield potential, but something was wrong.  The early hybrids had just black layered and anything over 3000 CHU was not even close to black layer.  On to the next location just south of Exeter.  Same group of hybrids, similar planting date, same maturity story.  I am starting to think there is more to this than just some chicken little type thinking.   My friends are also telling me about corn being harvested in North Lambton coming off at over 40-50% moisture!!!  (The reason this corn was being combined was to cover sales made earlier for old crop price, which is normal practice in that part of the world.)
Our next stop was a plot just up the road from the warehouse.  Same group of hybrids, planted May 26.  Normally corn in Dashwood would be 7-10 days ahead of corn at Woodham.  Not today.
The corn gods have thrown a curveball.  P0216AM in Woodham is ahead of P0216AM at Dashwood and Exeter.
Why?  Don't have a clue.
Days like today.

In my humble opinion a good daily grain commentary is found right here.