Monday, July 25, 2011

Bugs Keep Agronomists Employed

If it wasn't for insects there would be a lot of unemployed agronomists.  This is the latest critter that provides a job security blanket.  The Western Bean Cutworm.

Pioneer has a network of traps across the southwest and there is one down the road from our farm.

This is the trap.  It has a pheromone in it which attracts adults with reproduction in mind, only to be sadly disappointed.

This is the count from the past weekend's party, 15 dead bugs.

This is a very low count in the world of western bean cutworm.  Heavy flights will fill traps with over 100 party seekers.  The trap counts have been increasing this past week with the heaviest concentrations around Bothwell and Tillsonburg. 
Hybrids at risk to WBC damage include conventional hybrids and hybrids with the Yieldgard gene.  Herculex and SmartStax hybrids have resistance built in. 
Will keep an eye on this trap over the next few weeks. 

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