Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Curtis & Ron Drop to 2nd Place

I gave some credit last week to fellow Pioneer reps Curtis & Ron for some P98555HR that yielded 246.6 bu.  Looked good at the time.

On Monday they lost the title to Gerald Kodde, a customer of mine, whose plot of P0474HR yielded 246.9 bu /acre

The P0216HR was OK too.  It yielded 242.3 bu/acre.

The P9760HR was a measly 233.3 bu/acre.

In fact, the plot average across 9 hybrids was 235 bu/acre.  Each strip was 2/3 of an acre, the full length of the field.  In 26 years in the corn business, this is the highest yielding location I have ever witnessed.
The question Gerald asked was "Where did this corn come from?" 

There is only one good explanation.  Keep going to church, Gerald.

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