Friday, October 21, 2011

"Y" Pioneer is Here

My post about 92Y12 soybeans yielding 72 bu prompted more than a few inquiries.

92Y12 is not for everyone, due to its 3050 HU rating.  We are on the northern edge of it's adaptability and need to learn more.  Looking at some early Pioneer yield summaries, 92Y12 is head and shoulders above other varieties.  I firmly believe if it is planted late April to early May it will work for some of us.

Pioneer has been promoting the value in "Y" series beans for several years.  There are three other new "Y" varieties that yielded well with a lower maturity risk.

91Y61 yielded 65.4 bu.
2925 HU

91Y41 yielded 66.8 bu.
2875 HU

90Y90 yielded 62.4 bu.
2750 HU

"Y" is definitely here.

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