Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"New" Pest - Part 2

These are western bean cutworm adult moths retrieved from the pheromone trap located across the road from our warehouse.  These 10 moths are from the night of July 27, the largest one night catch of the past week.  We have retrieved 35 moths from the trap so far this year.  This is not a big number.  Heavy moth flights can produce trap counts in the 100's.  The moth flight numbers should peak this week.  

The moths are attracted to the trap by a pheromone located in the cap of the jug.  They then fall into a windshield washer mixture in the bottom.


This is a close up of a western bean cutworm moth.  The key identifying features are the white bands along the leading edge of the wings and semi circular patterns behind the white band.  The markings on the moth's wings are fading quickly because the windshield washer mix is very warm.


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