Monday, August 30, 2010

Right On Schedule

On Saturday August 28, Lawrence Vink was chopping 37K84 for Hilant Farms at St Pauls.  This field was planted the last week in April and pollinated mid-July.  
Most bunker silos in our area will be filled this week and tower silos will follow right away.
Two weeks ago we talked about corn hybrid maturity and the 5 stages of 12 days from pollination to physiological  maturity.  As a quick review the 5 stages are

1. Milky embryo or blister stage
2. Young sweet corn stage
3. Beginning dent stage
4. Half milk line stage - 65% whole plant moisture
5. Hard dent stage - 35% grain moisture

We explained before how corn maturity advances like clock work once pollination is complete.  45 days after pollination, this 37K84 is at 65-68% whole plant moisture.  Hilant had Lawrence cut this corn high to maximize energy content in their silage.  The part of the field that did not fit into their bunkers will be ready to harvest as cob meal in two weeks.

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