Monday, April 25, 2011

Take a Deep Breath

I have posted this picture not to rub salt, but to remind everyone that we will have corn up and growing in a few short weeks.  We must remain optimistic.  Optimism is one characteristic that defines all successful farmers.  After the crop advising experts had everyone cocked and loaded to plant in April, nature decided to throw a knuckle ball, keeping us away from our fields.  She has better command of her pitches than Roy Halladay.

This is a pitch we have seen before.  No need to panic.  You will notice on the chart above that officially heat unit accumulation does not start until May 1.
You can track these weather records at
As I explained in a previous post, the new heat unit map is based on 30 year average accumulations with a May 1 starting date. 

According to this data, there is no need to alter your corn hybrid maturity choices yet.  Pat Lynch has data that indicates on average we get 100 hours of good planting weather every year before the middle of May. 
So we will stay patient and ready for the next pitch.

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