Thursday, October 27, 2011

A TSN Turning Point

Pioneer will be announcing today a new development in the soybean patent arena.  The Canadian Patent Office has granted new pending patents to Pioneer based on the unique nature of their soybean breeding program.  I believe this is worth repeating, the unique nature of their soybean breeding program.

What this means is new varieties developed by Pioneer will be covered under Canadian patent law.  Keeping seed back to grow the following year will be illegal.  This includes new varieties with the RR1 gene. 

Pioneer currently has strong language on the seed tag stipulating one year use only, but this patent development strengthens their position.

This decision by the Patent Office is a first in Canada where patents will be extended on a variety to variety basis.

The corporate explanation can be found at

The majority of Pioneer's competitors in the RR soybean seed game have adopted the RR2 gene as their answer to keeping their varieties protected from being bin run.   Information has aready been circulated that famers will be able to bin run varieties containing the RR1 gene.  This is now incorrect.

Pioneer has always taken the position that a single gene does not make a good variety by itself.  It is the sum of many genes that make a superior soybean variety.    

The Canadian Patent Office has agreed with Pioneer. 

Pioneer has a strong value offer that I have communicated to my customers.  This development will guarantee new investment and new improved genetics continue to arrive at the farm gate. 

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