Friday, January 13, 2012

313.4 ! 429.0 ! Do I hear 450?

This past Wednesday Pioneer held the 2nd annual Ontario Corn Yield Challenge awards banquet in London.  Pioneer started this event as a public relations tool, but more importantly it's goal was to challenge corn farmers and promote high yield practices used on the farm right here in Ontario. 

This year the overall champion was the Judge Family Farm from Simcoe who reeled in 313.4 bushels per acre using P0216HR planted at 32,000 seed per acre.  The secret weapon used in this significant achievement was irrigation. 
But, before you go out to buy a pump and pipe, consider this.  Dean Glennie from Dunnville piled up 299 bu non-irrigated.

If this irrigation thing catches on, Pioneer may have to consider copying the National Corn Growers Association in the US which awards irrigated and non-irrigated competitors separately.

The NCGA overall champion this year was David Hula from Charles City, Virginia at 429.0 bushels, using a Pioneer hybrid, P2088HR. 

The non-irrigated champ was Kevin Kalb from Dubois Indiana at 322.2 bu using Dekalb DKC64-69 (sigh).

We can be proud of Ontario's corn growers because they are competitive with the best in the world.

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