Monday, February 13, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The Almost New

This is old news because it happened over a month ago.  Thanks to my buddy Ivan at Port Perry, who just had to have a new sprayer, the dominoes fell.  

Brian traded his Case IH 3310 in the picture above, for Ivan's 2010 model 4420, simliar to the one in the picture below.

Like so much of agriculture, spraying is a technology driven game.  You either are in the game or you are out.  Despite being a reliable, trouble free machine, the 3310 was 7 years old. When technology is involved, 7 years is ancient. 
The 4420 has 120' boom, 1200 gal tank, automatic boom height sensors. auto steer and most importantly, up graded GPS capability.
Giddy up!!

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