Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's New?

It is January 2013 and the calendar cycle starts again.  It is expected that we have something new to work on.  For one thing you will notice a new background to the blog.  I could say it was time for a change which is partially true, but the real reason for the change is explained at the end of this short post.

I am often asked what do I do in January.  The assumption by those asking I think, is that I go into hibernation.  After participating in the great fall migration of seed dealers what possibly could keep me busy in January?
The reality is I strap on my nutrient management hat because spring comes quickly and clients want to be ready to build the project of their choice.  My current list includes a liquid manure tank for a mink ranch, three new dairy barns, two poultry barns and three new swine barn projects.  Yes, swine barns.  Then there is the constant parade of renewals which must be done every 5 years.  The paper pile on my desk never goes away.  From a cash flow point of view this is a good thing.  The added challenge this year is a new software package provided by OMAFRA for submitting projects to the approvals branch of OMAFRA.  The new software is great and it has lots of improved features, but the learning curve is steep and takes time.

And speaking of a steep learning curve, I also changed cell phones for the new year.  I went from a 6 year old Samsung to an iPhone.  It is like comparing a bi-plane to the space shuttle.  Great phone, except figuring out what it can do takes up more time.  A lot more time.  Why iPhone?  The talk and text is the big reason.  I don't have to type as much on the little keypad.  Which brings me full circle to the blog.  While playing with the mobile settings in the blog, so the blog can be read clearly from a mobile phone, I accidentally changed the background settings.  I obviously still have a lot to learn.  The only good news is I love to learn.

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