Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Style

Snow on Mother's Day isn't so bad.  It gives everyone a chance to spend quality time with their mothers. Cathy believes it was 1985 when we had 6 inches of snow on Mother's Day.  She was expecting Brian at the time.
Melissa presented a unique gift to her mother yesterday.  I suppose one could call it a fruit cake.  Except it is not the kind of fruit cake that my grandma would make.  This healthy eating thing has gone a little too far for me.
The moisture over the weekend has been a blessing for both mothers and farmers. Especially those farmers that were commenting about dry seedbeds in their corn fields. Dry seed beds last week were the result of working ground too deep and too early.  The too deep is easy to correct if your leave your field level coming out of the fall and run the cultivator just deep enough to crumble the top 2 inches.  The too early is a different matter.  I understand the peer pressure associated with growing crops and it is practically impossible to stay out of the field when everyone else is going.
Meanwhile, our attention is turning to planting soybeans and spraying wheat.  Both jobs need to wait until the freezing night temperatures pass.  We are in the prime planting window for high soybean yields and the forecast looks favourable for later in the week. Waiting a few days now for soil temperatures to rebound is a smart play in my opinion.
In the wheat crop weeds have emerged and both septoria leaf blotch and powdery mildew are present in the canopy.  But, there is too much risk of crop injury when it is this cold. Monday night's forecast is a frosty one so waiting until Wednesday to start spraying would be another smart play.
And speaking of smart plays I plan to watch a hockey game tonight.  "Go Leafs Go".

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