Monday, June 17, 2013

Lots To Talk About

Crop Heat Unit Accumulation from May 3 to June 16.
(I used May 3 as a starting date because that is when the first corn was planted this spring.)

YEAR              TOTAL           NORMAL      DEVIATION FROM NORM
2013                  747                     780                            -33
2012                  821                     780                           +41
2011                  788                     780                           + 8      

Trending a little cooler than normal, but not a big problem.  I want to hear no more talk about 1992 and the year of no summer.  It is not even close.

This picture taken from my IMPACT plot on Saturday is illustrating why some fields may look stronger than others.  These are two hybrids of same maturity, planted May 6.  The one on the right is one full leaf ahead of the hybrid on the left.  WOW!! FANTASTIC!!  POST THIS PICTURE ON TWITTER!!!  CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!  Whoa pardner, pull back on that throttle a bit.  My experience has taught me that while early growth maybe exciting to look at, it doesn't put bushels in the bin.  A June beauty queen often becomes a wicked witch in November.

One more thing we observe in corn this time of year is a buggy whip shape.  A period of fast cell division will cause the new leaves to roll tightly together and mimic a herbicide interaction.  It will recover quickly and the new leaves might be yellow because they did not get exposed to the sun.  A temporary condition that has no effect on yield.
It is also purple corn season.  Purple indicates sugar accumulation in the plant which triggers the anthocyanin pigment.  At this stage the purple colour is telling us that the roots are not growing.
This broken leaf illustrates the same condition.  The tissue is still attached which allows the chlorophyll to continue working, but the sugars are not being transported back to the plant.  The result is a purple leaf tip.

And alfalfa weevil are still around.  Check your regrowth.
This picture was taken today from a field that was cut on June 1.  The regrowth is being consumed by weevil like the one shown below.
I visited 4 fields today and they were all the same.  Get the Matador and take out the weevil.

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