Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Peter Right?

I attended a wheat management meeting this morning sponsored by Bayer Cropscience.  Peter Johnson, the godfather of wheat in Ontario, spoke about his SMART wheat trials.  A lot of you have heard Peter speaking on this.  He actually was suffering from laryngitis because he has been doing this talk daily for the last two months.
The amount of data he has accumulated over the last three years is very impressive and is worth repeating.   

To summarize, adding 30 lbs of N (above the check rate of 90 lbs of N) and spraying Prosaro at heading time gave 12 bu per acre yield response for $40 additional inputs. 
Adding 60 lbs of N, spraying Stratego with herbicide and Prosaro at heading time gave 18 bu of yield response for $63 additional inputs.  Very impressive return on investment.  No wonder Peter was suffering from laryngitis. 
Every wheat grower should commit this year to doing at least one or two strips trying out these various recipes.  The data says Peter is right.

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