Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's In Your Compost?

As part of her municipal duties Cathy serves on the board of the Bluewater Re-Cycling Association.  She came home recently on a new crusade. "You need to write about this!" she declared.  So here goes.

Cathy and our daughters, Terrilyn and Melissa, are "foodies".  At least I think that is the correct term.  Never heard of quinoa?  Come to our house. 
They take great delight in taking recipes from around the world, adding their own special touch and presenting these new dishes at the dinner table.  In our family this is known as experiment night.  Fortunately these dishes are usually quite tasty and very unique, but there have been a couple of disasters that ended up in the compost bin.  Cathy is an avid gardener and composter, so we normally don't feel too bad if tonight's dinner offering ends up as worm feed. 

But, according to a recently published study we maybe should think twice about how smug we feel when we recycle this wasted food.  I have provided the link to the paper.

What got my good wife's blood pressure up was the claim that throwing out or recycling unwanted food costs our economy $27 Billion.  Half of this waste can be attributed back to consumers in their own home. 
$27 Billion would buy us all the farm land in Perth, Huron, Oxford and Middlesex counties at current prices.

The next time the family gathers for a big feast think about the mountains of food that are presented in a mis-guided attempt to impress the mother or sister-in-law.  There should be no prizes awarded for the biggest party platter.
Also remember that leftovers, when preserved properly, always taste better the next day.

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