Friday, June 17, 2011

After The Ducks Left

On Friday May 13, we experienced a quick downpour, over 2" in 30 minutes, probably more because most of it came in sideways with a nasty north wind.  The shot above is from my neighbour George's corn field.  It had been planted the day before.  The front edge of the field was overwhelmed with water.   Everyone can relate because over the last month these cloudbursts have been a common occurance.

This picture was taken on Tuesday this week of the corn in the same field outside the wet hole.

Looking respectable.  You can tell this ground does not have a high clay content.  As one smart *** neighbour would say, "you can broadcast corn seed on this farm and it would still grow". 

Here is what the corn looks like in the wet hole. 

I often remenber the words of an old farmer spoken to me years ago. A dry year will scare you to death, but a wet year will starve you to death. 

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