Sunday, June 5, 2011

It Is Not A Question Of If

I admit to being biased, considering my son does this stuff for a living, but there is no doubt in my mind we all need to be using fungicide on our wheat crop and the time is fast approaching.
New crop wheat is over $6.00 and Dr(?) Peter Johnson's data documents a 7 bu yield advantage for fungicide application at heading.  Don't worry about those nasty tramp lines, just go and do it with either Caramba or Prosaro.

The only question remaining is when.  Judging the right stage of the wheat crop is as much art as science.  The wheat shown below is not ready. 

We want to see 75% of the heads fully emerged from the flag leaf. This is known as day zero and this wheat is still 2-3 days away from that point. Time to get prepared.

This next head is fully emerged and when most of his neighbours are at this stage we are at day zero.  The trick is, wheat plants don't head at the same time and that is where the art takes over.

Fortunately, we have 5 days to get the fungicide on after day zero.  This gives us some slack.  If the custom app guy is a day or two late, don't sweat it.  It will still work well. 
Few fields are 100% even from one corner to the next, so go to the best areas and stage your wheat there.  The best wheat in the field is the highest yielding wheat and this will give us the best return for the money spent.

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