Sunday, April 29, 2012

Corn is In Storage, What Now Boss?

We have done everything possible to make sure our corn seed is stored away safely in a cool dry place and our attention is turning to soybeans.

I delivered some bulk 91M01 soybeans on Saturday into my buddy Frank's drill.

I then filled his seed wagon with 91Y41's.  That heavy winter coat he is wearing will keep him out of the field for a day or two, but these beans will get drilled this week.   He was done planting corn a week ago, so he has nothing better to do. 

If you are going to plant early like Frank, make sure they are fully treated and also inoculated with a growth promotor type inoculant. We use Optimize for this purpose. Optimize will promote a vigorous soybean plant with an improved root system and faster nodule development. 

The Optimize is applied at our warehouse with this applicator.

Inoculant solution is sprayed with a 360 degree nozzle onto the beans as they pass through the funnel.  This applies a uniform amount of inoculant onto each bean. 

The main benefit to planting soybeans in early May is a bigger plant by the end of June.  A bigger plant will support more flowers and hopefully more pod set. 

If (??) the forcast is correct, the warmer night temperatures will be the key to getting beans off to a good start.  This will hold soil temperatures above 50 degrees at night.

The evil quiz master has a skill testing question. 
How many crop heat units does it take to emerge a soybean? 

a. 150-175
b. 175-200
c. 200 +

The answer will be in the next post.


  1. Got referred to your blog while looking up something for Cowbrough. Saw your write up on my brother. I enjoyed reading your blog. I'll keep looking. and hello from Kamloops BC.

    1. Hello Joanne,
      Thank you for the kind words. May I ask, who is your brother?