Monday, April 16, 2012

Where Did I Put That Rain Gauge?

The warm rain everyone was looking for made a brief appearance yesterday.  I have no idea how much because our rain gauge is still inside the house.   
Planters were starting to move with more consistency as last week moved on.  I have two larger customers that have finished planting corn.  Others were starting.  I pushed my soil temperature probe in the ground on Saturday in the field beside the warehouse.  This ground has not been worked.  By mid afternoon the sun was shining and the temperatures were recovering.  

8:50 AM

12:23 PM

2:40 PM

It is now mid-April, so it is time to turn the corn planter loose.   The goal should be to finish by May 4.  That's three weeks and it won't make a big difference which week you choose.  Many folks only take a few days to plant, so pick your week.  No more talk about cold nights, or lack of heat, or it is better in the bag.  Hook on the planter and do it.  End of discussion.  Go plant. 

My earlier comments on crop insurance were not quite correct.  I should know better than listen to countryside chatter.  David Connery of Agricorp informed this week that corn planted before April 15 is not eligible for replant coverage due to poor emergence, but will still be eligible for other peril coverage.  This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  After April 15, full coverage kicks in. 

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