Sunday, April 1, 2012

OK! Blue Jays!

The Leafs have folded, so lets talk baseball.  The season is ready to start and Brian's new 4420 sprayer showed up on Friday, just in time. 

It is hard to get a good picture of a 120 ft boom.

Meanwhile, all great baseball pitchers know how to change speeds to keep the opposing hitters off balance.  Nature is a master of the same technique.  Alfalfa and wheat were teeing off on early fastballs served up by nature the past two weeks.

The alfalfa crop was of to a very fast start, enjoying the summer-like weather and ready to hit the next pitch into the upper deck. 

Not so fast.  Nature served up an uncle charlie country curve ball last Tuesday morning.  Temperatures reached a low of -7.  Some areas in the province were -10.  Ouch.  The alfalfa crop was quickly sent back to the bench. 

Upper leaves and growing points were stopped cold, or more accurately frozen. Most fields are looking quite limp.  I believe the stands in this area will survive.  Alfalfa is a tough crop and will fight back.  It takes more than a little frost to ruin its day. 

New growth is visible at the lower nodes of the stems.  This indicates the stems are still alive.  It has been set back, but will recover and produce a respectable crop.  It is still in the game.  Extra innings may be necessary.

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